The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back.

Weather: - Perfect day for cricket.

Pitch Condition: - Good and decent bounce.

Toss: - CCC white won the toss and opted to bat.

The stage was set. Two teams trying to make a point in this league, CCC white to register their first win ever and UCC trying to do justice to the talent it has.

CCC white batted brilliantly with a lot of temperament and good stroke play. With 3 to 4 good partnerships CCC white kept the scoreboard ticking and also played some big shots. They ended up making 181 in 35 overs which is a daunting task for any team to chase in Emerald fields.

After the lunch break, UCC start couldn’t have been worse. With the score at 4 in the second over, Ravi Kiran played a well-timed shot on the off and it looked like the ball was going to go above the fielder’s head in to the boundary line but Sri running backwards with his eye on the ball timed his jump to perfection and took a one handed blinder of a catch. Another example of the CCC white’s improvement and their commitment in the field to win the game.  Soon after that it was like Navjot Siddhu’s infamous “cycle stand example in the Patiala movie theater”.  One falls and the rest follow. UCC was 39 for 6 in 11 overs. Bhavik and Chandru were in the middle after the first break was done.

CCC white were spitting close to their first win ever and a huge one at that. Chandru and Bhavik went back after the break with determination while the rest in the dugout were busy, some planning for a quick 9 hole at the near by Dublin Golf course and the others praying.

The wind across the ground was the only pleasant part at the time for UCC. The tunnel was pretty dark before the 13th over was bowled and then there was a light. First ball after the break there was this sweet noise of the willow hitting the cricket ball hard when Chandru hit a 4 over long on with impeccable timing.  Although still a daunting task, that shot got the players attention back to the cricket field. Chandru put the next ball sailing over the long off boundary and then things changed. Bhavik at the other end was slow initially but started rotating the strike and Chandru hitting those big blows. A 59 run partnership without a loss was exactly what the doctor ordered and what Chandru and Bhavik delivered in the next 12 overs. UCC needed 84 runs of the last 11.

In the meantime, Zulfi turned to his Skipper and said, “aur thode se run banne do…..main match  khatam kardoonga". Don’t know how many he meant by "thode Se" but here is what happened.

Right after the second drinks break, Bhavik pulled a short ball straight into the dugout for a six and UCC was right back in the game, with a couple of big hitters still to come. CCC white were fighting hard during this time although there were a couple of drop catches that would easily have been the knockout punches for UCC. With UCC needing 7.5 runs an over Chandru got out falling just 4 runs short of a well-deserved half century. Zulfi walked in when Bhavik was on 46 when UCC still needed 65 runs off 46 deliveries. Bhavik played two back to back cut shots over the backward point area for 8 runs and a very well deserved half century and brought UCC closer to Victory. Suddenly, UCC needed just 22 of 21 deliveries.

In the 33rd over, with run a ball needed, Bhavik took a single and gave the strike to Zulfi. UCC still needs 15 runs. 2 dot balls and then 6, 6, 6. UCC won! Zulfi scored 31 of 13 balls and won the game along with Bhavik with 2 overs remaining. Bhavik was rightly awarded the man of the match for carrying his bat. 

A perfect example of “It’s never too late, in cricket”.

“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back”.

CCC white played amazing cricket and I am sure they will surprise quite a few in this group. Watch out teams! They can ruin your party!

Straight up!

Praveen Bulusu

Play Cricket in Columbus Ohio - New Members Welcome!!!

UCC (United Cricket Club) founded in 2003, is one of the premier cricket team in Central Ohio (Columbus).UCC has been successfully conducting 20/20 tournament with participation from 24 teams for last 2 years,starting in the month of April. UCC team conducts its practice in Rhodes Park (West of Columbus downtown at West Broad Street)

United Cricket Club is one of the oldest Cricket club in Central Ohio, started by cricket enthusiasts. UCC is a professional, fair, impartial, unprejudiced and unbiased Cricket club and the fastest growing Cricket club in  Greater Columbus area. UCC is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of cricket among the local communities. The club membership is open to anyone with an interest in the game of cricket.

Proceeds from the UCC T20 Cup tournament goes towards paying for tournament awards, upkeep of ground  facilities and promotion of the Game of cricket in Central Ohio.

UCC T20 Cup is a twenty over format cricket tournament game organized by UCC by inviting best teams in and around the mid-west region. The tournament has approximately 70 games and spans 2-3 month. Games are played on weekend’ (weather permitting) in over 10 cricket grounds located in Columbus, Dayton,    Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, Indiana and Kentucky. The first stage of the tournament is a round robin where each team plays against every other team within their group.

UCC Hard Tennis ball tournament – Fall 2012
Date: September 22, 2012
Time: 8.30AM - 9PM
Venue: Anheuser Busch Sports Park
4990 Olentangy River Road Columbus, Ohio

1. One Day, 7 a side, 7 over per inning tournament
2. No Sudden knock out, minimum 3 games including forfeit.
3. Minimum Cash prize of $300 and $150 per winner and runner up resp.
4. Registration fee of $80 per team
5. Trophy for winner and runner up
6. Full refund in case tournament is cancelled.
7. Limited number of teams on first come first serve basis.
8. Registration deadline September 15, 2012

Contact Information:
Uday Nama

Bhavin Desai

Krishna Chaitanya Addala

Ravi Kiran
“You can sum up this sport in three words, You Never Know” – Lou Duva

Weather - It was colder than a room full of ex-wives.

Pitch Condition – No bounce, not even if a cheer leader is jumping up and down.

Toss – CCC Blue won the toss and elected to field.

While the Pre-game huddle speech from the skip is fresh in memory, 6 batsmen were back in the dugout. At 15 for 6, 5 of the 6 batsmen that got out were still cold and were hiding in their cars while Chandru was steaming with anger as he was adjudged LBW. The only justification for a raised finger from the umpire is that perhaps he was trying to stretch it because of the cold but it just happened at the wrong time.

CCC bowlers were on a roll. They couldn’t do anything wrong. UCC gave away 5 wickets to Madhu.

Meanwhile audience started leaving the field. It’s no lie, there was one cricket enthusiast who wanted to see how UCC was doing and wanted to come out to watch a game of cricket and left in less than 5 minutes after he checked the score when UCC was 15/6.

Back at the pitch, Skip and Vice played sensibly and put a partnership together with a little bit of luck and a lot of patience. Skip got out in the 13th over with the score at 64 for 18 runs. Mayur joined Bhavin and brought the score to 120 with some miss shots, big shots and quick singles.

Lou Duva was of course talking about boxing but this is true for any sport. Cricket is no different. This is a perfect example.

From 16/5 to 120/8 gave a fresh hope and confidence to the team. CCC found the key to success but UCC gave everything and changed the lock.  Here’s what happened.

A barrage of quick, nippy short pitched deliveries from Subodh started off UCC with a wicket in first over but Pawan and Ravi Darbha put up a very good partnership and made sure CCC is sitting pretty. Spinners were introduced by UCC and wickets fell at regular intervals with Mayur doing the trick every time the ball was handed over to him.

Subodh, Mayur, Manas and Praveen finished off the last few over’s for UCC and made sure CCC didn’t reach the target and won by three runs.

Overall it was a great game of cricket on a cold day. With lots of passion, love towards the game, I will sign off.

Straight Up!

Praveen Bulusu

UCC wins 1st game of season in a friendly...

UCC bowled against CCC in another friendly match...CCC started well with Ram/Amit and put a good opening partnership before Amit retired hurt..then UCC pegged CCC back a bit before Senthil picked it up again with 3 sixes of 1 over off Ravi..CCC finished with 114 in 20 overs..


UCC started well with a good opening partnership...then they picked it up even further with Praveen belting a few big blows before retiring hurt...he had another good partnership with Bhavik..then Chaitanya played a good knock and UCC finished the game in 15 overs..


UCC had a few good finds in the game...

UCC starts a decent campaign to the season in a friendly match...

UCC played a friendly against CCC on 3/18 in OSU ground...CCC batted first and had a good opening partnership with Amit Jain scoring 31...then UCC picked some quick wickets and put pressure and curtailed their run scoring...CCC finished with 105 in 20 overs..manas was the pick of the bowlers with 4 wickets..


UCC chase didnt go as planned with only the opener Raghu scoring a good 19 until late in the order where subodh, mayur and bhavin playing well...others fell to lack of practice cheaply...subodh almost pulled a victory by scoring well where UCC needed 5 runs off the last ball when he got out and UCC lost by 4 runs....


but overall definitely a decent start....

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